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Advantages of activated carbon filter cartridge

Time: 2021-06-08

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Advantages of activated carbon filter cartridge
In the water treatment industry, activated carbon filter cartridges are also very common. It is a filter element that integrates adsorption, filtration, interception, and catalysis. It can effectively remove residual chlorine, other chemical substances and other pollutants in the water, as well as the color and peculiar smell of the water. It is an ideal new generation product in the liquid and air purification industry.

1. No secondary pollution

Many people are afraid that the water purifier they buy will not achieve the effect of completely purifying the water source, but will cause secondary pollution. This can be described as "losing the wife and breaking the army." Because the filter element used in general water purifiers is granular activated carbon. The granular activated carbon collides and breaks due to the impact of the water flow, which causes the filtered water to become black, and at the same time releases the already adsorbed pollutants again to form secondary pollution. However, the activated carbon filter cartridge does not. The activated carbon filter cartridge that has undergone a specific process, except for a little black water when it is used for the first time, will no longer show signs of black water during subsequent use, and it will not be due to adsorption. And the formation of secondary pollution.

CTO activated carbon filter cartridge machine

2. Dual function

The filter element of the ordinary water purifier uses granular activated carbon, but the granular activated carbon only has the function of adsorption, and the activated carbon rod filter element has a rich and tortuous micropore, which not only has a good adsorption effect, but also has a relatively large volume of impurities. The role of interception, so it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

3. High removal efficiency, high efficiency and no waste

In the process of use, the filter element of granular activated carbon can only be in contact with the surface of the activated carbon particles when the water flows through it instantaneously, and most of the inside cannot be contacted for use, causing a lot of waste. After it is ground into ultra-fine powder and made into a rod-shaped product, its specific surface area will increase, and the adsorption micropores will also greatly increase, and each part of the activated carbon can fully contact the water flow, achieving efficient utilization and efficient filtration.

4. Filter without dead ends

The granular activated carbon filter cartridge has a large gap between the particles, so that the activated carbon and the water flow are not fully contacted, which affects the filtering effect of the water purifier itself. However, the uniform tortuous micropores of the activated carbon rod filter element allow every drop of water to interact with each other. Full contact with activated carbon improves the filtration performance of the water purifier.

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5. Wide range of use

The granular activated carbon filter element has a single function and is rarely used in combination with other filter materials; while the activated carbon powder can be mixed with a variety of functional filter material powders and processed into a rod-shaped functional filter element, which can specifically remove a variety of water pollution.

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