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CTO Carbon Block Filter Cartridge Machine

Lycra Automation is a R&D and solution supplier for Melt blown filter cartridge making machines.The Vacuum feeding and cutting system application off the face of carbon dust pollution duty problem.has provided to many cases for all around the world due to high capacity and efficiency. Jiangyin Sidepu is a professional CTO Carbon cartridge  manufacturer.And Install machines around the world,Germany,Korea,USA...

CTO Carbon Block Filter Cartridge Machine
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Rated Power


Running Power


Raw Material

Carbon granule and Binder


1500PCS/24H base on 2.5*10inch

Inner diameter

30mm default

Outside diameter

62mm default

Range of diameter

Inner diameter:7-100mm   Outside diameter:15-150mm

Length of CTO

5 10 20 30...customize according to request



One machine just do one size inner and outside diameter

If need another size,should replace barrel and screw

Mixer: Mixing Activated carbon granules and Binder powder

Vacuum feeder: Own design Vacuum feeder and second time mixing,Feeder material into extruder no carbon dust blowing

Extruder: Melt mixed carbon granule and binder powder,melt binder and extrude into carbon cartridge,Screw shaft and barrel decide cartridge inner diameter and outside diameter

Chiller: Recycle water inside,set different cooling water temperature to cooling hot cartridge,hard carbon cartridge strength

Vacuum cutter: Cut carbon cartridge different length,like 10inch,20inch

CTO Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge Machine  1

CTO Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge Machine

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