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Filter elements commonly used in water purifiers

Time: 2021-05-08

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Filter elements commonly used in water purifiers
We all know that the effective part of a water purifier is its filter element. I have sorted out the common filter elements and their functions of water purifiers on the market, and non-professionals have summarized them for reference only.

PP cotton filter element PP cotton filter element is mainly made of polypropylene. Polypropylene is generally unfamiliar to people, but PP cotton (not PP cotton filter element) made of polypropylene is widely used in daily life. The common filler of the pillow we use is PP cotton made from polypropylene. When we went to Taobao to choose plush toys, many of the fillers indicated in the product details included doll cotton and hollow cotton. In fact, they all refer to PP cotton made of polypropylene. Thinking about it this way, do you feel familiar with polypropylene? Oh, I forgot to say that polypropylene itself is non-toxic, so it can be used as a raw material for the filter element.

pp melt blown filter

We often see that many water purifiers use activated carbon as a filter element in the water purifier leaflet, including granular activated carbon, carbon fiber filter element, carbon rod filter element and so on. So how are they different?

The coconut shell activated carbon filter commonly used in water purifiers is a kind of granular (UDF/GAC) activated carbon. In addition, the main raw material of granular activated carbon can also be apricot shells, walnut shells and other fruit shells or coal such as anthracite. The activated carbon formed by activating these as raw materials has formed many fine pores, but the size distribution of these pores is not uniform. According to the diameter, they are divided into micropores below 2nm, macropores above 50nm, and mesopores in the middle ( Also called transition hole). Some pores can even reach 1000nm.

CTO Activated Carbon Filter (CTO) The more commonly used carbon rod filter elements are compressed activated carbon and sintered activated carbon (extruded activated carbon is also included in CTO, but due to the low adsorption capacity during the molding process). Compressed activated carbon is formed by mixing activated carbon powder and inorganic liquid binder under high pressure. Sintered activated carbon is sintered at high temperature after mixing activated carbon powder and polymer hot-melt pore-forming material. Because the polymer hot-melt pore-forming material used in sintered activated carbon also forms pores at high temperatures, and the inorganic liquid binder in compressed activated carbon cannot form pores under high pressure, sintered activated carbon has better filtration and decolorization effects than compressed activated carbon. better.

CTO Activated Carbon Filter

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