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Nonwoven Fabric Making Machine

Lycra Automation is a R&D and solution supplier for Melt-blown nonwoven fabric making machines. The 1600mm spinneret Vertical into webing belt.Machine can produce PFE 99 filtration.and high production capacity is 1500kg 24 hours.
Nonwoven Fabric Making Machine
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Rated Power


Running Power


Raw Material

PP MFI 1200-2000




Max 1600mm



Fabric weight



Below 4%


N95,3ply mask,medical cloth,pleated filter,oil absorbent pad...

Detailed specifications:

1. Loading system: 1 set

    Autoloader: 1 set (3.0kw )

    Feeding hopper: 1 set ( Material: stainless steel) 

2. Φ90 single screw extruder: 1 set

    Gearbox: one set

        ● The body of the gearbox is made from cast steel. The teeth deal with grinding and peeling eventually, which provides damping, antifriction, low-noise, long using period etc. characteristics.

    The screw

        ● Screw diameter: 90mm

        ● L/D: 30: 1

        ● Screw structure: special (application for PP pellets)

        ● Material: high quality nitride steel-42CrMoAIA

        ● Nitration hardness 740HV

    The Barrel:

        ● Material: high quality nitride steel-38CrMoAIA

        ● Nitration depth: 0.5-0.8mm, hardness 740HV

        ● The electric heater is made of cast aluminum. Every electric heater has a specially designed tunnel for radiating.

        ● The fans are featured with low lose and high effectiveness.

        ● Main extruder heating zone: 5 zones

        ● Heater power: 6.0kw / zone

        ● Total heating power: 32.5kw

        ● Cooling style:air cooling

        ● Cooling zone: 5 zones

        ● Cooling fan power: 180w/ zone

    Main motor power: 45kw, frequency conversion control (Inverter)

3. Double positions hydraulic screen changer: 1 set

    Control style: hydraulic control

    Control power: 2.2kw

    Diameter of hydraulic cylinder: 100mm

    Hydraulic control system: one set

    Including hydraulic tank, directional valve, hydraulic circuit, oil pump, pumping motor

    Pressure sensor: 1 set (Chinese Brand)

    Equipped with pressure regulating device.

    Total heating power: 8.0 KW

PP melt blown nonwoven fabric making machine

4. Static mixer: 1 set

    Structure: Spiral type

5. Metering pump: 1 set 

    Flow capacity: 100CC

    Control power: 5.5 kw

    Control style: frequency conversion

    Pressure closed loop system: Dynisco Brand 

6. Hanger style extruding mould: 1 set ( Chinese Brand)

    The material of mould is made of alloy steel, after quenching and tempering, the surface of the runner is plated and polished with hard chromium, and the outer surface is decorated with chromium

    The heating method :stick heater inside the mold.

    Heating zone: 9 zones

    Total heating power: 35 KW (this mold contains a spinneret and an air knife each)

    Equipped with a pressure sensor in front of the mold (Chinese Brand)

7. High-efficiency stainless steel air heating tank (Chinese Brand);

    The heating tank is made of Φ377 stainless steel tube. A baffle is set in the tank, and the tank is covered with an insulation layer.

    Heating tank inlet and outlet size: DN200, flange material is stainless steel.

    Heating medium: air.

    Heating power: 300kw.

    The maximum design heating temperature is 450ºc.

    Use temperature 200-400ºc. (Adjustable)

    Temperature control accuracy: ±1 ºc,

    Temperature control cabinet (Temperature control meter: Omron; Relay: FuJie, using SRC control)

    Equipped with a connect air duct for Roots blower to air heating tank;

    Equipped with a air duct connecting the air heating tank to the melt-blowing die head; (using a soft hose)

8. Roots Blower: 1 set ( Taiwan Brand)

    Motor power: 55kw

    Inveter control 

9. Web Lapping machine: 1 pc ( Made by LYCRA)

    Reducer 1 set ( Zhujiang Brand)

    Control method: inverter

    Inverter brand: ABB

    Control Power: 7.5kw

    Conveying roll A: 1 PC ( steel roll)

        ● Roll diameter: 370mm

        ● Length of roll: 1950mm

        ● Thickness of roll: above 16mm

        ● Surface treatment: rounding, Chrome plated


    Conveying roll B: 3 PC ( steel rolll)

        ● Roll diameter: 315mm

        ● Length of roll: 1950mm

        ● Thickness of roll: above 16mm

        ● Surface treatment: rounding, Chrome plated 

    Conveying roll C: 1 PC ( steel roll)

        ● Roll diameter: 275mm

        ● Length of roll: 1950mm

        ● Thickness of roll: above 16mm

        ● Surface treatment: rounding, Chrome plated

    Conveying roll D: 1 PC ( steel roll)

        ● Roll diameter: 225mm

        ● Length of roll: 1950mm

        ● Thickness of roll: above 16mm

        ● Surface treatment: rounding, Chrome plated 

    Suction fan: one set, power: 55kw

        ● belt: 2 pcs( Size: 60 mu), width: 1900mm

PP melt blown nonwoven fabric making machine

10. Friction winder: 1 set

      Friction roll:1 PC ( steel roll)

      Roll diameter: 450mm 

      Length of roll: 2000mm

      Treatment: rubber coated & polishing treatment 

      Control power: 7.5 kw

      Inverter control 

11. Electrostatic electret: 1 set

12. Electric control cabinet: one set

      Electric cabinet 1 set
      Adopt advanced man-machine interface PLC to realize control
      Touch screen: Siemens touch screen, size: 10.5 inches
      PLC control system: Siemens, using Xinhe temperature module. 
      2 sets of domestic brand pressure sensors (front and mold parts)
      1 set of aboard brand pressure sensor

13. Vacuum Burner Boiler: 1 set  (16kw)

14. Ultrasonic wave cleaner: 1set  (3kw)

15. Air conditioner: 1 set ( 20kw)

16. 200kgs mixer: 1 set 


1. Payment means: prepay down payment 50% of total amount, the other fund will be paid after confirm the machine test result before shipment. Generally customers should prepare the test material.

2. One- year warranty period. The only promise is that the user must not violate the operation regulations. The parts are limited to screw, barrels, inverter motor, temperature meters and AC contractor. 

3. The seller can dispatch technicians to give necessary guidance at the installation and training workers at the buyer's place upon receipt of requirement from the buyer, if the related expenses are on the buyer's side, such as expense of the trip, accommodations but the services are free.

4. Delivery date: 20 days after we receiving the down payment. 

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